Not letting dogs to bark,
Spitting at everything not being on my part
As if mob’s in command
Old cloth’s coming in demand
In games of rallies, numbers at sake
Putting unexplored myths in flake
Shouting slogans, thrown out sights
For a cause piercing eyes
On everything like women
Opening mouth like full throttle bottle
And in chorus we sing
Fearless, careless, and unashamed it seems
Walking through them
Trade-off papers beholden
In between the hands
Ideas don’t fight, won’t re-act
They act, as if disguised
However, will be blamed for what they do
With those notes in vegetable bags
For the votes these numbers can pack
Can’t stand and wait anymore
Chairs is all that I need
Hatred is all that I feed
Greed is my seed
Won’t wait until I sit and succeed
On all those chairs
Kept in every single row
Till every head finds a reason to bow

by Anurag Tiwari

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