(1926 / Prescott, Arizona)

Politics 2000

Presidential election rhetoric falling on deaf ears,
And watching the candidates brings one to tears,
The one upmanship soon pales,
Before one candidates tall tales!

Yet the race became so close that no one knew,
What each candidate might do,
Then the lawyers came out from hiding,
For monies because of the candidate they were riding!

The general public being their parasitic host,
And each one fighting for the most,
Sort of makes one ashamed of the human race,
Surely something with intellect could take its place!

Politicians have learned not to answer direct,
They work around it because they suspect,
Should they answer yes or no, they lose your vote,
And being honest is so remote!

They are headed toward that public trough,
From which they will never have enow',
What's best for the country put on hold,
While they pursue their quest for gold!

Just once I would like to see,
Some political honesty,
But being of the human race,
I'll never live to see the case!

by Franklin J. Warren

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