Politics Of Left And Right

Republicans? Immoral! Lord, that's all there is to that!
Like in the song, 'Their heads are full of cotton, hay, and rags, '
Though Democrats (not better) hate to stoop so low to win,
They feel Christ's death, seek brotherhood, at times admit to sin.

Republicans are arrogant, love 'trickle down largess, '
To get rich, they'd leave others bare, stark naked, not a stitch,
The way to know Republicans? They idolize control,
While Democrat's may lust, they sometimes think about their soul!

Republicans say Dems enable poor to stay a mess,
No doubt of that! We think, at least, we ought to offer chance,
Good school for kids, a right to vote, and tools for basic health,
A job that pays a decent wage, slaves owned aren't proof of wealth.

Republicans, some Harvard trained, smoke existential snow,
Think they are free, there is no sin, the mind is only art,
God loves the rich; there's just one hitch, their virtue's just a mask,
Their s- t stinks too, their Waterloo, salvation from a cask.

The Democrats parse life with guilt, long for utopia,
In saving others save themselves, they won't let justice be,
They think that they can honor God by pinning truth to mat,
It's vanity when man attempts to woo Jehoshaphat.

Though ‘Right' thinks Rich means they own God, I know God loves them still,
The ‘Left's' self-serving brand of justice proves they have no cure,
Both Left and Right think they must fight to prove the other wrong,
The love of others all day long is Heaven's only song.

Long Tooth
August 3,2017

by Long Tooth

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