Why Are We Afraid To Try?

Hurricanes are massive…they devastate cities, homes…and more.
But hurricanes are natural disasters…we can't stop them from coming ashore.

We have come to realize that hurricanes, swirling off the water, are the norm…
So we try to build our houses better in hopes they stand up to the storm.

Tornadoes wipe out entire neighborhoods on a scale wide and grand.
But tornadoes are natural disasters we can't stop their blowing across the land

We realize that tornadoes, across our countryside, are the norm
So we try to make sure our buildings have basements to take shelter from the storm.

Earthquakes crumble buildings in an instant…entire cities from the quaking
But earthquakes are natural disasters…we can't stop the ground from shaking.

We realize that earthquakes will destroy our cities, destroy our towns
So we try to make our buildings stronger in the hopes they won't fall down..

Another mass shooting has brought us all to tears…causing sorrow, causing woe
We can't understand how anyone can take a gun and kill people they don't know.

Innocent people murdered from every walk of life…
They are someone's child, someone's grandchild…someone's husband…someone's wife.

They were out for fun together…why they were shot…they know not why…
One minute they were laughing…they did not expect to die.

They were soldiers who have fought in wars…across other countries they have roamed…
How could they survive the terrors of a war…only to be murdered in they're home?

These mass shootings continue to dishearten to break our hearts…and again we are appalled…
Mass shootings are certainly disasters…but they're not natural at all…

We may not be able to stop people from killing…perhaps we never will…
but we have it within our power…to make it harder for them to kill.

If we can better prepare ourselves for natural disasters
I have to wonder why…
When it comes to mass shootings…and automatic weapons…
why are we afraid to try?

by Jim Yerman

Comments (5)

How can the poet pay attention to politics when he can see a young girl standing at a little distance? There is a politician who is having much knowledge regarding the political world and on the other hand there is a traveler who has gained a lot of knowledge after having experiences in life but the poet does not seem interested in politics and tourism, for him the force of love is stronger than other worldly matters. He is bewitched by the beauty of a girl. He has preferred youth and love instead of politics. The last two lines are lovely. The poem is simple but portrays reality.
I reckon this poem may well have influenced the Beatles' when I saw her standing there. The beautiful simplicity of its structure and words captures the real concerns of our human hearts. It is to feel passionate love and preferably when young enough for such glory to have physical expression. With brilliant brevity the poet uses the jaded eye of an experienced and educated man to express both regret for the passage of time and the meaningless of power grabbing politics when set against the joy of love returned.
This poems lacks the concrete detail and arresting metaphor that I normally crave, yet it gives me goose pimples.
I first heard this poem as a teenager and loved it. Brilliant sentiment and humour.
nice poem...............................