I try to keep abreast of the world's happenings and ways
To know what my nation's energy is about these days.
So I pay attention to what tv news says.
But there are so many spewing
Flimsy opinion for your pleasure-viewing
Asserting with rigid solidity
Statements scattered whimsically.

The world of politic at least hath retained its game,
Though the rules are never kept the same.
Each party representative stands atop a totem pole
And, instead of displaying stability and grace atop,
The hostile party only works to hack and chop
At publically exposed or buried wood
Rather than try to do anyone any good.
It's turned into an endurance race of sorts
Fought with a blunt axe of sharp retorts.

I follow the farce for as long as I can stand
And of myself, nothing really, demand.
But I like to feel that I'm a part of what's going on
So long as I don't have to care for anyone.

by I, Mongoose

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