IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Polysyllabic Complexity

Polysyllabic complexity

Polysyllabic words afford me great hilarity
Especially used improperly
By those who seize the opportunity
to demonstrate pretentiously.
Their vast store of vocabulary.
It fills me with malicious glee
to see them comprehensively
confusing similarities
between words so easily
Relinquishing simplicity
in favour of complexity.
Because they’re hoping to impress
us with their cleverness
Instead display their foolishness.
Because of their proclivity
for using words which do not mean
quite what they think they do.
Instead of saying what they mean
precisely and with clarity
.In words that everybody knows
The can’t resist the urge to pose
I’m sure we all know someone who
will use five words where one would do.
I’ll draw this ramble to a close
Or you might think I’m one of those
Who talks the way that posers do
Perhaps you’re right it could be true.


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This has such an amazing rhyme scheme! ! I Love it