Amid ashes pumice lay
Life in cinders Pompeii in disarray
Vesuvius plumed angry swell
Archeologists unearth deathly knell

Volcanic vomit ample spume
from sunlight golden to darkened gloom
Roman bathing in waters pure
Nimbus of fires blazing coiffure

In AD79 it's eruption did occur
No time to flee, No time for prayer
For sure a wrong analogy of mine
but this 'Furnace' it froze in time

thank you

by Martyn Grindrod

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Thanks for taking the time.
The horrendous volcanic eruption - tragic story of Pompeii, is aptly captured in the poem. An insightful piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely penned in good rhyme scheme with conviction. Thanks for sharing Martyn.