(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)

Ponderance Of Joy

What is joy, delight?
For delight is but distraction
Escapement of life

Delight is but pleasure
Physically received
But mentally perceived
A reaction of body to outer stimuli

What is joy, delight?
When in delight
Man joy perceives
The bliss that comes
Ah joy it must be…

I look around me
What do I see…
What do I find that brings joy to me?
Not gifts not things not coin none of thee
But sharing of life with people loving me

To be content, what does it take?
What does it take to not be fake?
A spirit at rest and a soul at ease
What is this secret of life to seize?

Contentment little with money none
But seeking it such with money as means
It is as trying to walk to the sun

What brings us to peace
If at all peacelessness on earth do cease
For where desire ambition goals exist
Peacelessness persist

It just may be that peace no constant state
But fleeting moments of joy, hope, and rest
Caught between oceans of rush worry and sweat
Deep dark whirlpools
That perplexities of thought create

Ah joy… you illusive purple rose
Ever fragile ever rare

Rolling down a mount a gem
Running after, man, a chase
Always chase just sometimes caught
What would happen whilst in pursuit
We looked up
And saw the view we’re brought?

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Fantastic and true! : -)