I believe I can fly!
Stretch out my arms and soar above this world
Of wrecking balls and nuclear devastation.
It’s not a threat.
More a delight of self- expression and self-examination.
I can tiptoe across the clouds and slide down a rainbow.
Watch me reach out and touch the sun.
Until a time I feel undone I will shoot the stars from orbit
Move on to play with rain before it tumbles to this earth.
I look down and tumble too
To dwell amongst bruised, battered and defeated humanity.
Is it madness itself that drives us to insanity?
I find myself shaken off of this tightrope we call life
And unable to climb back up that frail ladder high into the big top roof,
I lie below pondering the straws that make the thatch,
The shingled roof that keeps the mind from falling empty!
The scattered dreams from floating swiftly up the swift and sultry stream of sub-conscious mind and out of the back door to nothing.
It seems that for sometime now mine is and always was deplorably empty,
Save for these unhappy thoughts and a few dusty ruminations.
I find myself tormented by the need to torture these unhappy torturers,
Yes, even pull at bleeding fingernails that deny and lie as they hold on for dear life to their own reality.
Such duplicity of life and freedom that they lead.
I plead for dedication in this medicated world.
Alas, it falls on deafened ears.
Humanity is driven to destruction and the wrecking balls move in!
All square their shoulders to the wheel of this insanity,
While me, far above look down and feel fear.

by Susan Casey

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I should say you have been pondering, Susan. dan =)