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Ponderings Of An Insomniac
JD (14/08/69 / Cardiff)

Ponderings Of An Insomniac

Have you ever seen the irridescence of a moonbeam?
Or noticed the translucence of the clouds?
Heard the melancholic lament of the nightingale?
Or felt the softness of a moth's silver shrouds?

Debated with your cat?
Seen the shadow of a bat?
Heard a fox's bark?
Been scared of the dark?
Solved the Holy Grail?
Seen a comets trail?
Heard the neighbours fight?
And watched the dawn grow light?

So, as we sit, fighting impatience and angst,
take advantage and seize this precious time.
Look around you with wonder and open your eyes,
and enjoy the gifts given by glorious night-time.

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Comments (3)

An interesting write you've got here
Counted books on the bookshelf Checked if they were even or odd Spoke to my late father And had conversations with God Checked my poems on poemhunter Hoping for an interesting comment Done many a crazy thing None of which I lament! GS
love this poem, i have had many 3am debates with my cat so i can really relate XD