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Pooh Bear

God really out did himself this time.
Destroying my life when its at its prime.
What crime did i do to deserve this fine?
To him I must be lower than swine.

She wants to replace me with him.
Pain throbs in my head and in my limbs.
I loved her more than myself.
Now i wish she would just kill herself.

God has out done himself now.
Taunted by her loving vow,
And memeories of her kiss.
Can't I live my life in bliss?

She has finally replaced me.
and to her replaced ill always be.
I hate her, her and their pair!
If i have to ill kill her 'Pooh Bear'!

God has out done himself as of late.
What did i do to deserve his hate?
Nothing left for me to do but cut.
Screaming in pain with my mouth shut.

I can not manage to replace her.
I can still see her faint blurr.
I'll always love my enemy.
Until she is back with me.

She is as beautiful as a disa,
My one and only love.... Alyssa

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ShE lefT- I stAyeD… hEr heArt chAnge buT my heArt’s bEeN D sAmE…shE’s w/ hIm, I g0t n0 1…wAllS stArTs crAshIng, dArknEss sEeMs 2 rAvisH mE…sh0uld I kill D 1 I think I l0vE & D 1 sHe lovEs? WilL I bE @ pEacE or sImpLy I’m jUsT dEpRIvIng D rIghT pErs0n wh0’s JusT wAiTinG 4 mE……. (I LOVE YOUR WORK....DARK BUT REALISTIC) .. xoxo cAt
II think we both loved the same girl. are you the one who took her away from me! if you want to ameliorate your misery, put her fone number on your poem and post it on every web site. Revenge is sweet. Your poem takes the words right out my mouth. I will hire you to wirte one for me so I can send it to the girl who dumped me for another when I gave her my only soul, all my love, God hates me too.