AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

Pooh Bear And Cr Discuss Listening*

‘Tell me about listening’ said Winnie the Pooh to CR one day
when they were sitting together in a thoughtful spot
and the sun was hummy.

‘There’s lots of different sorts of listening.’
CR explained. ‘It depends.’

‘On what? ’ said Pooh amiably.

‘On how you feel, I suppose.

For instance, there’s the ‘listening when you’re not’ sort of listening
which you do when Rabbit is rabbiting on about something that
doesn’t really matter.’

‘I know that sort’, said Pooh.

‘Then there’s the ‘half listening’ sort of listening,
when you sort of do and you sort of don’t.’

‘Like when Piglet’s telling you a very exciting story
and you can’t listen properly cos your tummy’s rumbling? ’


‘Or when Eeyore’s feeling particularly gloomy,
so you make ‘there there’ sort of noises instead of listening.’

‘The very same’.

‘What other sorts of listening are there? ’
Pooh asked eagerly.

‘Then there’s ‘real listening’
when you put aside everything else
and turn off your own mind completely.’

‘Like I’m doing now? ’ said Pooh

‘Like you’re doing now.’ said C R.

‘I like listening to you Christopher Robin’ said Pooh.

‘I like listening to you too, Pooh.

* (inspired by Michael Shepherd, M. Scott Peck and A A Milne)

by Alison Cassidy

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Beautifully measured. F
Allie, this is so lovely. All the way through I was thinking about my little niece Sarah Grace (18 mths old) who was completely transfixed by me as I conjured up a story about Pooh, Tiger and Piglet in search of the magic treasure. I could have said anything and she was completely mesmerized. But I was just as transfixed by her paying attention. thanks Ally x
I think that there is alot more to this than first meets the eye Alison, real wisdom contained me thinks, you have a lovely gentle flair for this Take care Love duncan X
I really enjoyed reading this one Alison. AA Milne would be so proud of you. Andrew x
This has just made perfect bedtime reading for me Allie - you have a way of engaging the reader's full attention from the opening line to the last. A poem that oozes simplicity but at the same time relays an important message... superb! j xx
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