(poetry from Lek Gjoka)

They all have wealth.
Life Gift of life, the fruit of love
One of his roads stayed in class.
Someone opened the door was sad poverty! .

Poor man has a view of poverty
Poor man has eyes green
Poor man wakes up and spete pain
And chaste asked and expands the hands of zatëkshiye! .

Life must age
Love don't want to open the door
But when she raised her hand
A strong one with drugom pozhatie! .

Poor man has a spiritual kiss
Don't mix with the trick adventure
There are kisses to give warmth
But maybe not crossing the bridge! .

The Bridge has a life problem
Cars Life-rubber puncture
So on a dream loves love
Born and dying! ...

Lek Gjoka
Taken from a book of poems
' the clouds are locked
Tirana 2013.


Comments (1)

This poem starts with, They all have wealth. But who are they? And then starts talking about poor people. So, I do not grasp this sudden shift. The argument is made poorly and need good organization. It is hard to pass the first two or three lines of the poem. It does not read well and the poetic thought is weak. Thanks and go to work. Luis A. Estable