WT (18-april-1991 / Panama)

Poor Earth

Poor Earth! Poor of you
For you to have to presence
The evil and fake magnificence
Of greedy kings and leaders
That call you and yours their own.

Poor of you
When you come to be ill
When your forests are fired
And when you suffer the fever
Of human indifference.

We’re ashamed we’re not good
Good to you in gratitude
That we owe you so much
For enduring the cruel battles
With which we left scars on you.

But sorry
For you to have to inhale
Our smoke in your inside
For your broken essence
In my heart, I suffer for us.

We’ve poisoned you with our venom
A poison inside us, the human kind
An experience which will happen only once
And would be unforgettable.

I suffer for us
You and my race
Our fate is our destruction
Your, ours and mine.

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