NH (30th October 1971 / croydon, victoria, Australia)

Poor Little Boy

Poor little fool crumpled and worn
From this life all you loved from your arms were torn
Sadness and sorrow the rest of your life
This is what follows you now day and night

Did you think you would hold me back
What did you think i feared
I watch you closely i watch and i wait
And i wonder how long before you see its too late

You and your mistress another lost love
She loves with her heart like i did once too
And then as you did to all others before
Youll make her look foolish her heart on the floor

I wished you the best now let sleeping dogs lye
I said farewell with that last sick goodbye
Love her long and love well and hope she does not see
The demons inside that just wont set you free

poor little lost boy in this world made of stone
What will you do when all who love you have gone
I dont feel you with me i now feel no pain
I am in the darkness at home once again

by nikki hays

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Ditch the bumbling rhyme. The cliches. Ignore four line verses and write unequal lengths. Search to really drive home your emotions by coming up with an interesting metaphor or two. You'll be on track.