Poor People Knowledge

1.Fried hotdogs eggs and
grilled cheese sandwiches
with hot cocoa made
with powdered milk for breakfast
on a snow day as a kid

2.What do you do
When the whole neighborhood
lights go out?
The Lights are broke
Its hot outside
take the food out
have a barbeque
beers, and be outside
all night until sun up
What else can you do
the lights are broke

3.What do you do
When your house gets
broken into all the time?
You get a sawed off 22 and
Two big dogs from the pound
Named Thunder and Hurricane
Save a lot of money and
fire the secret Service

4.Why is this President
so easy to touch?
He walks with a swag

5.Why does he live in
such a rotten neighborhood?

by Cheryl Butler

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