Poor Ugly Lizzie Mae

Poor little Lizzie Mae ugly as could be
None of the boys her beauty did see
She was teased, mistreated by most
So she went on a venture
Seeing if folks were the same
From coast to coast….

She lacked in beauty
She never dressed in style
But every time you saw Lizzie Mae
She had one heck of a smile…

No one got her down or made her
Feel badly or even blue
Lizzie had a heart of pure gold
Love filled she was and she had
A gentleness about her too…

She had the love of Jesus written on her heart
From his side as an ugly girl
She never did part…

All the beautiful girls who mocked
Her knew not her secret to happiness
Nor a reason for her to smile
But when they become old ladies
And God changes their hearts
They too will learn the
Secret after awhile….

Lizzie Mae weren’t much to look at
But had more beauty within
Than all the girls shaped like hour
Glasses, with tanned skin…

She held the key to love
It never left her side
So when unattractive Lizzie Mae
Was in public her beauty she
Proudly displayed with great pride!
©Copyright Becky LaPrarie 2006

by Becky LaPrarie

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