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****pop The Bottle****
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

****pop The Bottle****

Poem By Kaspa Richards

21 years of bottling up my emotions and fighting alone
Got me bubbling and erupting under the surface
Like mixing mentos in a coke bottle I'm ready to explode
Frustrations, anger, and anxiety have no purpose

But I know if I open up and let loose my past years
I won’t stop talking and my frustration will bring tears
The anxiety will get me lost n get me feeling tied up in belts
So I get angry and need to calm down but there’s no one there to help

Sink with me to the deep level where I cotch with my fears
I’m stuck behind the brick wall I built but nobody cares
Like this wall is invisible I’m not invincible so I just stare
At all whom I don’t trust n let them see what it means, to really not care

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It's good to let the emotions go and I believe you have done this in this peom. I enjoyed the read. Your friend Lynn