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Popularitry Isn'T Worth It All
EM (6-28-1990 / DuBois)

Popularitry Isn'T Worth It All

I sit, and cry about what you called me the other day.
You may not know, but I took you seriously,
I even dread corners that bear your mere shadow.
I see you and I automatically turn and go the other direction,
If I needed to go there, I would wait until you left.
I hate living like this, living in the corners of this oh so small town.
All I wanted was to be accepted.
I never thought it could get so bad,
So bad that someone would make a mockery of my name,
So that any time I hear my name mentioned in a crowd,
People laugh and say rude things, “Isn’t that the girl who…”
I’m so sick of this.
I wish that I never would have tried to be a part of your group.
It wasn’t worth all this crying and running away.
It wasn’t worth getting humiliated all the time or getting made fun of.
My three true friends always told me that you weren’t worth me feeling like this,
You weren’t worth my worries, my anger, my fret, my life.
They said you weren’t worth my school work,
They said I should ditch you,
I couldn’t and wouldn’t listen to them; I had to give you another shot
I wanted to be a part of the ‘group’ so bad.
It all went too far. I can’t believe YOU said those things that started the rumors!
How dare you, you said we were friends.
But now, I don’t even know why I ever wanted to be your friend.
I would rather be friendless than be associated with you.
I can handle it, because unlike you said, I am something and I do matter.

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Good attitude Emily. Girls can be so........cruel (at ANY age) . Just 'get through' and learn from it and you'll be a much better person. You're completely right...You Do matter. Take care. sincerely, Mary