Popularity is great...
For those on missions to seek it.
For those conditioned to live to be liked,
Inspite of how one inside truthfully feels.

For those running for an office,
With blemishes and flaws...
They will not escape a scrutiny,
Until they are left wishing...
They did not do this!

There are those who use looks,
To flaunt about.
Hoping this attention...
Separates them and stands them out!

And then there are those,
Who do not seek popularity at all.
It is just something about what they do...
That make some folks believe,
They are seeking ahs and ooo's.

While the opposite of that,
Is where their minds are at.
And this is true.
If you asked those who are more popular,
Than me and you.

And I wish I had time to do that.
Signing autographs prevents that task.
And the paparazzi stays on my path.
And all I'm wishing for on days like this...
Is just some privacy,
While I eat my tuna sandwich!

The anguish one suffers,
When something done meets approval...
That separates them from so many others!


by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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