Popularity Achieved

Whether it is obtain to achieve,
Or given to one as a confirmation...
A conformity pleases,
And one who shows this with loyalty...
Is certain to be popular.
And noticed to be a faithful devotee.

Those who speak and with tongues to irritate,
With opposing positions they often take...
May say what others want and should,
If the truth is heard and understood!
But those who follow to whisper their opinions,
Would rather do that than to offend...
The sensibilities of most who choose to stay dishonest.

And popularity achieved to be given,
Isn't kept too long...
If the one who has it,
Is more impressed by keeping this status...
Than upsetting a cart carrying those,
Hoping no one notices their excessive baggage.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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very fine and true writing, thanks.