Popularity In Turn

Term of popularity depends on virtue,
This depends on a person's good actions,
According to hard work, success comes,
But everything is temporary that we see.

Popularity comes in turn with joy again,
While this goes away, a man feels sorrow.
But we have to remain unattached ever,
Fruits come, we enjoy and these finish,
There is nothing to do with this process.

Remaining unattached with situations,
In true feelings, we get real joy in life,
He is cleaver, who does not need anything,
Thing comes near he holds in unattached way.

Who does not need anything is king of kings,
This is well said in scriptures is really true,
Desires burn mind and gives sorrow,
True popularity can be gained by wisdom only.

© Kumarmani Mahakul,6 August 2017. All rights reserved.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (4)

Popularity comes in turn. Greatest love comes from God through light into Earth. We feel this. This is really great when love is transformed into light of love of wisdom. Love glows and grows with us. This is a great write and you are a nice poet.
Remaining unattached with situations is good for life's movement. This is an excellent poem and I love reading. Thank you for sharing.
Who does not need anything is king of kings, very interesting sir, thanks for sharing
Desires burn mind and gives sorrow! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.