Port Albert By The Ocean

Port Albert by the ocean a gem in the crown of South Gippsland
Why it is such a popular tourist destination is not hard to understand
A unique coastal small Town with a charm of it's own
For it's beautiful docking and fishing port it is widely known

The people of Port Albert are quite a friendly race
For to be welcoming to strangers can come from pride of place
Every local i did meet there greeted me with a smiling face
The idea of a Welcoming Town they are happy to embrace

A quiet and beautiful and relaxing place for to spend one's holiday
From Port Albert by the Pacific Earthly Utopia cannot be far away
It has it's share of visitors at all times of the year
And from anyone who has visited there one negative word of it from them you will not hear

Of Port Albert in South Gippsland good memories with me do remain
And though i have not been there for awhile i would love for to visit there again
It has a certain beauty that one does not see everywhere
And if ever your are in coastal Gippsland it would pay you to visit there.

by Francis Duggan

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