Port Fairy In Late Spring

Young surfers ride the white waves of Port Fairy on a sunny though cool and windy day in late Spring
One sees them surfing in all sorts of weather the gift of youth it is a marvelous thing
Above the ocean din i hear a blackbird fluting his notes on foreshore tree nearby
At times the sun from view does become obscured as rain clouds gather in the evening sky
On late Spring Victoria is known to many as the State of four Seasons in one day
A spell of sunshine and then the sky clouds over which makes one sense that rain is on the way
A healthy part of the World for to live in where the weather never gets too wet and cold
In a Land of the most amazing flora and fauna where there is so much beauty to behold
The sooty oystercatchers softly piping low above the waves near the beach as they do fly
And the large black back gulls and the silver gulls distinctive in their appearance and their cry
Save for the surfers the beach on cool days mostly belong to Nature the winds blow on your face the ocean spray
Port Fairy is a nice place in any weather but at it's finest on a sunny day
And despite the spasmodic sunshine today is not the finest the gathering clouds tell rain to us is near
And above the the rumblings of the mighty surf waves a blackbird on a nearby tree i hear.

by Francis Duggan

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