Port Fairy In November

Everywhere i turn to look i do see
Nature's beauty all around me
Young apples are growing on the apple tree
And the dainty black and white magpie lark calling pee wee

Port Fairy in November on a sunny Spring Saturday
Where the Moyne to the ocean slowly crawls on it's way
Along by Griffith Island where into the Pacific it does flow
At the end of it's journey deep, silent and slow

Apart from it's music festival Port Fairy has many claims to renown
Recognized as the most livable in the World small Town
Many who do go there for a brief holiday
Do return much later for a much longer stay

Many of the residents of Port Fairy proud of their home place
And they greet every stranger with a smiling face
Which prompts me to say i do not feel surprised
That as the World's most livable small Town it has been recognized.

by Francis Duggan

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