Port Fairy In September

Between spells of sunshine brief sun showers a typical Spring day
The huge surf waves of Port Fairy are spewing up white foamy spray
The calling of the silver gulls the grumbling voice of the sea
The wildness of Nature is all around me.

The gannets are fishing within view of the shore
Above the huge waves they do circle and soar
And on folded wings dive for their tiny sea prey
A feat they perform many times every day.

The flutings of the pied oystercatchers melodious and clear
Birds that can be seen on the beaches at all times of year
Inland from the ocean birds I've yet to see
To live by saltwater their life's destiny.

The wild birds of Nature do whistle and sing
In Port Fairy in September on a blustery day in the Spring
Above the deep ocean the shearwaters to Griffith Island are winging their way
Soon to reclaim their nesting burrows for their Summer stay.

by Francis Duggan

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