Port Fairy In South Western Victoria

Of the first people who lived in the Port Fairy we know of today not one physical trace
Where the Moyne River flows to the ocean it is such a beautiful place
Voted the World's most livable small Town as a seaside resort widely known
A gem in the crown of the Moyne Shire it does have a charm of it's own
For a coastal Town it has a huge annual music festival reputed to be amongst Australia's top three
There is far more to the Town of Port Fairy than natural beauty for to see
Near where the Moyne flows into the sea at Griffith Island in Spring thousands of short tail Shearwaters come to breed
As great travelers of the oceans of the World they are quite amazing indeed
Just one of the many natural attractions of Port Fairy a place for it's beauty that is known Worldwide
One of the many beautiful places to visit on the coastal Moyne countryside
A Town in south western Victoria that for beauty could hold it's own with anywhere
I would be happy for to live in Port Fairy if i could afford to live there
Loved by many for it's natural beauty of it in in truth it would be true to say
That from the place known as Port Fairy Utopia is not far away.

by Francis Duggan

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