Port Fairy

For scenery and beauty a place of renown
Of many tourists Port Fairy is a favorite Town
Griffith Island where the short tail shearwaters in Spring come to breed
Is in it's own right a tourist attraction indeed
To Port Fairy's renowned Music Festival in the Fall of the year
People flock to there from places far and near
For three days of enjoyment and festive fun
In the warmth of the Autumn in the south western Victoria's sun
Voted the most livable small Town in the world a great achievement indeed
For the community council members of Port Fairy other towns councils like them do need
A fine old coastal Town with a charm of it's own
For it's hospitable people Port Fairy is widely known
The gem of south west Victoria from Warrnambool City twenty kilometers not much more
By the Moyne River near the Pacific shore.

by Francis Duggan

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