DS (July 14,1974 / Denver, CO)

Port In A Storm

Set me down at any port in a storm.
Sobriety is so damn hard.
AA meetings, therapy, can't believe this is my life.
No checking my feelings at the door.
Landscapes change, left sitting alone.
Damn, I've never felt so alone.
My head is spinning with all the feelings
that I've drowned for so long.
Facing all my fears without the potions that
I've relied on thus far.
Stepping forward one day at a time.
Looking at life in all its reality.
No numbing the pain set in my chest.
Deb said, 'Just have to sit through it and know that whatever the feeling is, it, like clouds will pass.'
This is my port and I hope to conquer the storm.

by Doc. Smooth

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Just like the weather, life provides plenty of storms. Nice job... stay strong! Brian