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It is Victoria's birthplace or so it has been said
I've been to there a few times and of it I have read
It has inspired the writers stories of it to write
And the poets of old Portland their poems read and recite.

The locals there are friendly a welcoming sort of place
On the wide streets of Portland many a friendly face
A place where manmy visit the big Town by the sea
In and around the City so much to do and see.

A livable City Portland I know some who live there
And they could not imagine themselves living anywhere
Else other than their beloved Portland they do love their Hometown
To be born raised and raise their children there for them enough renown.

I have been there a few times and good memories I retain
Of a coastal pioneer rural City to where I will return to again
For I was made to feel welcome there on every Portland street
Many friendly and smiling faces I happened for to meet.

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