Portland In Victoria

A big coastal Town that is widely known
Portland in south west Victoria has a charm of it's own
The people of Portland quite a welcoming race
And they help to make their Town quite a welcoming place
Quite a liveable seaside Town not too big or too small
And houses to buy or rent there not too expensive at all
One hundred kilometres from Warrnambool in Victoria's south west
As a place to visit surely one of the best
With beautiful beaches as one of it's claims to renown
One can say of it quite a beautiful Town
Not an expensive place for your next holiday
Of Portland most people have nice things to say
A big coastal Town in south west victoria that is widely known
Portland it does have a charm of it's own.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (1)

its gardens grow great dahlia's too and of its port's workings there's a wonderful view.