Portrait Of Me

The pain in her eyes
A look naturally disguised
Their tears of joy she says
But she can't lie, she's not the best.
A new facade each and every day
She takes it one off and throws it away
And places another where the other should be
As long as they can still see the other person she used to be.
Drowning within her life
She doesn't live on the edge of her knife
She holds what she wishes
And lets go of what she knows.
But they don't see her hiding beneath her skin
They don't see that she's scared
They all 'believe' in her, believe that she can win
They don't understand what it's like to be pointed at and stared
People see only what they want to see
That's why I have to paint this portrait of me.
To make them understand that what they say and do
May not hurt them, but it affects us few.
So read my eyes and soon I'll make you see
That more you stand an patronize
The stronger I'll be
The weaker you'll get
And the easier it is for me to forget.

by Christina Ramirez

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