Portrayal Of A Painting

Standing three feet from a painting
Tell me descriptively what you see
Thunder, lightning, torrential rain
and a portrait of you and me

Kissing, hugging wet and soaking
Sitting on a wooden bench
Snuggling tight even shivering
Plenty to satisfy the quench

Is this how you view it?
I tend to have the same opinion
It is so pure and simple to admit
Such comfortable accommodation

Just for us until time without end
It feels so right and harmless
Heart - put back together now mend
With wholesome delight and success

Life-sized painting full of life
Will continue everlastingly
Just like husband and wife
Intransitive feelings so bewitchlingly

A magic spell on you and me
Or is it just natural, usual and likely
Why are we blinded and just can't see
Helping one another cooperatively

Ana Monnar

by Ana Monnar

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greatly penned down....wonderfull imagery