RFS (June 23,1979 / Lapaz, Iloilo City)


Let me all introduce you to my uncle Poseidon the ruler of the sea
Among the vastness of the blue waters of the ocean for you to see
Including all the creatures that swim and lurks in the water
Belongs to the God Poseidon my uncle and Zeus's own brother
He could make the waters rise and drop by using his trident
Responsible for all the sea or ocean mishaps and accident
The God Poseidon was always thought to be Zeus's powerful right hand
But apparently not for it is I Apollo who is next in line from where I stand
Oh great uncle I call upon your glorious name on this day
To let your presence be heard and seen in your own way
Let me hear the trembling sound the earth shall make
Of your great power as you force the ground to shake
Of how these people abused your once vibrant and abundant waters
Let them see the powers you posses to punish as the Olympians gathers
May you give a safe passage to my family and friends as they travel
For it is now our time as Olympians to comeback as we will unravel
As the benevolent benefactor of mankind ever since the beginning
So once again the life we all know would have a sense of meaning
Arise from your slumber oh great uncle and let your presence be known
For I have lost my patience with the disrespect that they have all shown
Shake the ground or cause a tsunami for I no longer even care
For our bond as Olympians would always be thicker as we share
Oh Great God Poseidon my uncle it is I Apollo calling your name
Unleash the beast that is the earth and ocean which was once tame


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