Positive Thinkers Will Tell You

In a Human World where for one for to win many have to lose
Many positive thinkers will tell you that you can become anything you choose
But i would like to tell them that i do not have a hope
Of climbing to the summit of Mt Everest or becoming the Vatican's Pope

And though positive thinkers may not agree
You can become anything you wish to be seems a bit far fetched to me
The World's wealthiest person was never a refugee
Or has been homeless and hungry and has lived in dire poverty.

You can become anything you wish in your imagination maybe
But this is far detached from reality
Many daydream of greatness but greatness only known to a few
Though you may say to this do tell us what is new

Every day with each other people for success do compete
And it is a daydream of many a young athlete
To in sports reach the pinnacle of athletic renown
And in so doing become the hero or the heroine of his or her hometown

Positive thinkers may tell you that you can become anything you wish to be
But for most this would be impossible it seems to me
A Homeless and hungry person or an asylum seeking Stateless refugee
With the views of the positive thinkers would hardly agree.

by Francis Duggan

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