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Positive Thoughts

Positive thoughts
focused on a clot
Can get it flowing

Positive strokes
applied on a full stop
Can get it growing

Positive vibes
On a flickering light
Can get it glowing

What you are inside
Positive or Negative
It's actually showing
Given time
It starts spreading

So take heed
You're the seed
Which when popped into a river
Will send ripples for miles
Belief and Smiles
Through the waves forever

If by chance you the seed
Gets its share of positive strokes
Then you will become a sapling
Sapling will become a tree
But more importantly
You will be surrounded
by confident, radiant,
circle of optimistic beings

So go forth
spread your positivity
in this negatively charged atmosphere,
May you be vibe
the world wants to subscribe,
Now and Forever

by Jibrael Jos

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Then you will become a sapling...... A good write..thanks for sharing dear Jibrael..