(October Second Ninteen-Seventy-Four / Grace Maternity Halifax)

Positivistic Sensationalism

O.K. lets all look at it this way...
we all know we have senses
we all believe these senses to be
let's say.. accurate..
comparable.. similar..
How many senses? 5? 7? 8?
faculty to feel or perceive..
let's amalgamate touch into feel.
feel that light with your eyes..
feel that sound with your ears..
feel that ground with your skinny feet..
feel that air with your tongue..
feel particles as smell in our nose!
feel instinctually connected to everything..
feel intuitively connected to dance and music..
feel balanced?

where are we now, feeling quite a few things
simultaneous, however, by whichever medium of touch
as all sensations are at base level, touch sensations

sense a tie on?

lets go another step, one foot in front of the other
balanced co-ordination co order in a tie on, at what degree?
how much force to be brings forth equilibrium into feel
when we push spiritedly with soul towards the feelings
emotions are the shape of us in motion
facial emotions, blending and morphing free
of conceptual disturbance up until when
a being brings a concept to life
slings it at us for labelling
enveloping an emotional state
a moving state as a static
think about that

happy is merely an equation
sad signifigant only through enforcement
existence of emotion to forward as signal
sensation of signal is ahead of interpretation
body feels existence and then we react
incoming affect causing effect
incoming fluence influencing

turn it up
look at a child eyes
how much volume
how much soul
is being
into being

can we rewind all the speedbumps, the pot holes
the barriers in our minds keeping us from being
a happier shape, emotionally wonder filled living
we are shape shifter based on emotional states
what we hold, what we feel, we come to be
representing everybody for infinity

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