a lasting touch of remorse

has me coming back for more

your all i wanted and needed

but your more of a pest then a dream

i would have thought that by finding you

i found my happy ending

but as it was pointed out

women shouldn't wait for a man to hand them their salvation

so i shall push you aside

when your to possessive or protective

it's nice have been with you but it's a waste of breathe

to try to teach you the meaning of no

or personal space

you can invade my mind so readily

yet have trouble learning that it's hated

but still i hold you dear for i have vowed

that no matter the situation you'd still be my man

and i do recall you deemed me you knight in shining armor

so i ask of you know before it gets to bad

to remember no matter how womanly i am

that you are still my damsel in distress

that you can keep in mind that i am only human, only a man

by The White Rabbit

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