Poem By megan watts

Lets play a little game
You hide over there
Shut your eyes
And count to 10

But did I forget to tell you
The game has a twist
The lights are off
You cant see no one or nothing

But here’s the twist
Do you remember
How much pain
You caused me

Do you know
That you’ve ruined
My life for eternity
And its all your fault

Well I’ll never forget
Never let go
Because I have
The scares to show

Show you who don’t
Remember or believe
Funny that
You don’t remember

See these cuts
On my wrists
There they are
that’s the proof

The proof of how
You hurt me
How you put me
Into an eternal state
A state of never resting
Never closing my eyes
Never being able
To lay my body to rest

But I cant
I have to hide
Hide away from
Every one every face

Every face that
Will judge me
Or think that
Some things wrong

Wrong with me
Wrong with my mind
Because I think this
But am I the only one

The only one who
Knows its true
That you have scarred me
Scarred me for life

Just have a look
Role up my sleeves
And there you will see
That all of this is true

So now this brings
Me back to the twist
How the twist is
That you go through

Through the pain you
Caused me to go through
Go through the eternal suffering
Of a life time torture

But I can only get my sweet relief
If your gone for good
So I found you
And it looks like death has to!

Comments about Possessed

the first part was good, or is good, the last part..............im not sure what i think.

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