Poem By Mallika Tripathi

I saw an apparition calling me
Signalling the mysterious tale
Walking towards me
Coming closer, talking, laughing,
singing and crying
I got scared, tried to hide under my bed
But there was something appealing
That made me possessed.

I went closer to examine
If it was my imagination
Or the phantom exists
I attempted to touch the untouchable,
Suddenly got surprised
Took a step back
As I could realize
She was my Mother who came to see me
To confirm if I slept calmly.
I wondered how I could visualize her
To be an incorporeal being,
Haunting my memories ever.

I walked, I talked
But suddenly I stopped
My mother left this inane world
Six years back
Leaving us mourning forever.
Then who was she standing in my front
Calling me for the last four months?
The moment got tensed,
The light dimmed,
The voice choked
Leaving my eyes horrifically closed.

The morning came with a naval thought
Enlightening me with the rarest shot,
My mother never went far
She might be feeling a bit under par
She lived eternally nearby
To console me whenever I cry,
In the form of birds,
In the form of water
In the form of prayer
That I daily offer
She was always close to me
Watching, protecting, healing my wounded soul
Fighting with other worldly spirits
To help me achieve my heavenly goals.

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