IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Possessed For Doc Wilde

If I should stray too far inland.
I’m stricken by anxiety
for reasons I don’t understand
I must stay close beside the sea.

I am quite free to walk the shore
and leave my imprints in the sand.
But forbidden to explore
the secrets of the hinterland.

I see laid out in front of me.
A patchwork quilt of different hues
To which I could walk easily
although I try my feet refuse.

They simply will not carry me
My minds command they disobey
I cannot cross the boundary.
It seems I am condemned to stay.

Close to the sea whose jealousy
is such she will not let me go.
She is afraid that I might be
tempted by the winds that blow

across the uplands easily.
To venture so far I forget.
that I belong to her, the sea.
She hems me in without regret.

Held prisoner against my will
I dream of one day breaking loose
to see what lies beyond the hill
Where I would go if free to choose.

I do not think the sea loves me
although I am fond of the sea
I would prefer to be set free
to enjoy them both equally

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Comments (6)

I was saddened to hear Doc has left this site, a kinder and more caring human being is hard to find, we should start a campaign to bring back Doc, lovely poem Ivor, Lynda xx
A lovely poem Ivor, a pleasure to read! ! Thoughtful of you to dedicate it to Doc he is a friend to all here! I'm sure one day he'll return! Best regards, Friend Thad
I hope Doc will reconsider and return, he has a great many friends. Ivor I really like this poem, we all have ties to the sea, (is, nt that where we came from) it has a mystical feel to it. Thank you
He left poem hunter, because people where giving him a hard time about his the poems he wrote, which sucks because he touched many people with his poetry & his dedications while he was here. the haters here caused him to leave He had many friends here & those he didn't know about. true to himself he was & it's sad to see someone like that leave this site.
Fine penning. Ivor, what has happened to Doc?
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