Possession Of Desire

Poem By Frodo Xander

i am in so much blood filled
state of lust, robust lust
taking over me
each inch of skin it tingles
and all i want is you

overwhelmed am i
and shaken
it's been years since i've
been taken
and all i want is you

you tease just being here
your eyes your smile
come near to me i love you
not only this but lust you
i want you i want you
and all i want is you

be with me now, forever
leave me, never never
i will hold your hand
and take you
i will always love and lust you
be mine, love i want you
and all i want is you

Comments about Possession Of Desire

A passionate worded portrayal of intense lustful desire, written with clarity of thought and mind. A beautiful work of art.
This poem is great. Just what I am looking for. I'm having a erotic poetry event in April. Would love for u to come read your poem.

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