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MG ( / Chicago, Illinois)



Understand I love now: Only my lost things.
All the pretty pieces trapped in futile memory.
All of this, now fragmentary.

My companion for the night, shacked in solitude.
Open your eyes before running off.
The long way home where you will see me one last time.

Where all I ask is the return of my things.
Wanting to be the way I once was.
Brown-eyed, amber, full of bugs and discovery.

Long before I knew you.
Never knowing the soft gaze of moonlight,
The kisses of my sorrow that still follow you.

Possessions blind us like a mask with no eyes,
Nor holes to see our hidden sunkeness.
Wondering if ownership will save the disenfranchised.

Wide eyed at my abandonment,
Out-weighed by knick-knacks counted into oblivion.
My old telephone you stole will continue to ring.

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