Possibly The Most Pathetic Poem Ever

Poem By Jessica Jemima

i have to write a poem, is that it?
i don't know how to start
i never did master the art
of rhyme
in time
for this task
so why, you ask,
am i attempting
that i am no good at?
i'll tell you that
it's worth a try
because by and by
it might come in handy
to have written something dandy
so why not, i say
try something new everyday
you never know
what the future will show
it's almost the end
my friend
so be inspired by my skill
but i won't be tempted spill
the beans on 'how to rhyme'
because talent will come to you in time

it did for me!

Comments about Possibly The Most Pathetic Poem Ever

nice try...lovely rhyming... an overall gud wrk
hi it is fine poem......a 10
Great poem... you're amazing with words... God has definately blessed you with a special talent! Use it well! ~Lacey~
The title says it all Jessica, indeed it is...
Talent is something very hard to define, but what I will say is that I can see alot of it right here, well done, keep it up and look around this site, it's very helpful, no one has the right way, it is all about interpretation and how we personalise what we read, All the best Love duncan X

4,4 out of 5
4 total ratings

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