Possom Hunt

Daddy went hunting with the preacher and I
He and his boys and the preachers wife

We were out for possom, about two would do
That would just about make a really fine stew

Times were hard back then, I remember well the rolling hills
Pea picking and cotton fields and I'll never forget working in a cotton gin

Well daddy says son, we've got one tree'd
The biggest ol possom he had ever seen
We can't get him down
We're gonna need you to climb that tree

I said yea paw, just what do I do
He said take that stick and just poke him a few
And when he comes down
We'll add him to that good ol possom stew

It was pitch black that night but I climed up that tree
Me and my stick wiggled through those leaves
And it wasn't long til I made it to the very top

I could see something, just a little ahead
So I gave it a poke like my paw had said
And the next thing you know
I'm looking up from the ground near a big old stump

Paw walks over and shakes his head
What happened boy, you don't look dead
I said I don't know
I guess that ol possom knocked me out of that tree

Well them ol preacher boys poked fun and laughed at me
And the next thing you know they were scuttled up that tree

About half way up they hollard down
We're gonna teach that farm boy clown , how to hunt
And maybe about possom a thing or two

As they reached the top the silence fell
You couldn't see through the leaves, they were hid so well
And I just stood there and waited for that ol possom to fall

Then all of a sudden all hell broke loose
That old tree started shaking all the way to the roots
Limbs started breaking and for a while you could hear them boys scream

The preacher hollars, can't you get him down
They say hell no Paw we're trying to get ourselves down
This suckers big and that farm boy already teed him off

Well they made it to the ground and took off running
Being followed by a grizzly and both her young uns
And that was the last I ever seen of them preacher boys

Well the moral of this story
Is like everything else
Don't poke fun of others
Til you try it yourself.

by Bill Simmons

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