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Just Don'T Pity Me!
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Just Don'T Pity Me!

You sleep in an A/C room,
I, with my old torned blanket.
You fly to reach your destiny,
I walk a mile to reach mine
But please, don't pity me!

You have explored the places around,
I, still fighting for my own land
You are living with your dreams,
the word which is not in my dictionary yet!
But please stop pitying me.

For you success is money, power and fame,
for me it's making someone smile for a day.
You speak of history, science and modern world,
I, just my unfateful stories.
but please don't pity me.

You are the garden flower that has been taken care of,
I'm the wild one, can survive with any climate and conditions.
You are blessed with beauty and brain,
I, with just one thing..HEART.
hey you, just don't pity me.

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