'Mankinds Slumber'

To long has mankind been asleep
Of the problems
That are trampled beneath ones feet.
Then awake and view more of earth's distructive ignorance
Of what we all seem, neglectingly repeat.

We can not close our eyes
And sweep what needs attending
Underneath some imaginary rug.
For what the world needs from us
Is Love from our, 'Father God', above!

If our hearts are filled with goodness
And our tongues speak of kindness and of love.
Than we can handle what life may throw our way
Not pushing it back or giving it
A blinds eyed, shoulder shrug.

For every given negative reaction
We have a negative reaction in return.
So what will mankind prosper?
Of what they've closed eyed
Wish now not to have learned?

There is no simple answer
For what mankind has let go on so long.
We can only hope and pray to God

Of all that we've created, so blindly close eyed
Thus becoming a nation of Godly strong.

by Linda Winchell

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Do any of us truly know this one?