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Post Tsunami
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Post Tsunami

Billions spent on war weaponry for death and destruction of that can one make sense
And compared to that the wealthy Governments to the Tsunami survivors only offer pence
The money pledged for Natural Disaster victims to say the least seems small
Less than a billion dollars that seems puny overall.

Compared to the money needed to avert a major human catastrophe
In the coastal Towns wrecked by the huge waves where millions live in hopeless poverty
Where the stench of death from decaying corpses is wafting in the breeze
In the post Tsunami places of hunger, despair, thirst and disease.

This is such an awful tragedy I have heard some people say
Though it does not affect us from us it is so far away
But Nature is not choosy and she does not differentiate
And the fate of those poor millions may one day be our fate.

This recent Tsunami disaster more than a wake up call
It goes to show that Mother Nature is the one who rules us all
And the amounts of money pledged by wealthy Governments who spend billions on war
To alleviate the sufferings of the disaster survivors will not go very far.

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