Water Grief Water Joy 2100

When there is no water there is danger
When there is excess water there is danger,
Ranger of forest tells that trees die
Due to wiled fire that spreads,
It happens when there is no rain
And summer runs for long time and
When monsoon comes very late to rain,
Then excess rain brings flood in river,
Landslide is seen and devastation too,
Trees are uprooted in heavy rain and cyclone,
Climate change is a big threatening,
When there is no water life becomes desert,
When there is clean and pure water we drink,
Polluted and muddy water we cannot drink,
During heavy rain we see water and play
We see flowing water in many streets
But we feel still thirsty expressing grief!

In two thousand and one hundred drops of water
We do our daily rituals and offer prayer to God,
His greatest natural creation is water is nectar,
No other nectar can quench our thirst,
Water only quenches thirstof billions,
Water expels the grief of its scarcity and
We get unlimited happiness getting clean water.

Growing pollution at present in 2019 is in peak
What will happen to the water and air in 2100?
Perhaps we shall see a state of grief and joy,
Water scarcity will burst over its peak point,
If pollution grows at present rate
Then no river or stream water we can drink at all
Due to solar, nuclear, industrial and other radiations,
Although we will see the clean water near us
Still we shall fear to drink due to fear of cancer,
Water carrying radiation can easily cause cancer,
To avoid such danger by 2100 we should be careful,
At right now only we should promise for cleanliness,
Cleanliness with righteousness we need for purity,
In pure mind we should do meditation and link God,
Then we should add our vibrations into water sources,
Water should be charged with positive cosmic energy,
Then only we can get gradually pure water,
God helps us a lot to remove negative energy,
We have to protect greatest resource of nature,
Water is singing and dancing angel in God's garden,
Are you hearing the pure ripple sound nearer?
You feel, flowing water is singing holy song of God!

© Kumaarmani Mahakul,02 July 2019. All rights reserved.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

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Horror house! Helping Satan to win. But, there is hope ahead with positive works. Thanks for sharing.