Pot And Kettle.

My ersthwhile and outgoing
Governors are friends
Like a cat and a dog
The ersthwhile was a tug
Who taught the people their lessons
And brought tyranny
To bear on democracy brutally.

The outgoing is a gentleman
Astute with precision
Of a diamond cutter
He grinds slowly but surely.

The former one climbed
A podium to pour ordure
On the outgoing in a successsion rally
Every land in calabar belongs to the former
As they are only two construction companies
In this city
They all belong to the outgoing.

by Tony Adah

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Aloha Tony... Emesiere, Etie Didie? Sɔsɔŋɔ my brother bard, for your most curiosity raising post... I, am hooked... reel me in... [A podium to pour ordure]... have I ever stood upon this soapbox! and did anyone listen? [all belong to the outgoing]... let US keep this in mind... in the sense of politics... somewhat the ultimate oxymoron this is... well, as we all know it to be this... money, money, money... there is no more political agenda than this, worldwide, every side is awash in the quest for more of this than the next fool... [bear on democracy]... Quote the raven... forevermore! Unless the people grow some huge cojones! [a diamond cutter]... now here is an interesting subject... to cut, is to polish... as is black, to one's kettle... Never let a female, touch a man's cooking kettle! Just a bit of superstitious providence there... http: //upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/64/CatDog.jpeg just for shites and giggles Akwa Akpa, beautiful place... bye the bye... what are you doing with your gifts of chaos and death...? Love this post my friend... All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two.